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You spend much of your life trying to do what is best for your family. When it comes time to plan for what will happen when you are no longer around to care for your loved ones, that same thoughtfulness and effort will be applied throughout the estate planning process.

Unfortunately, court fees can eat into an estate, depriving your family and other loved ones of the benefits you had intended for them to receive. With an estate plan in place, including a thorough will and carefully constructed trust, you can decrease probate costs by simplifying the process and ensuring that your property is distributed according to your wishes.

At Temmerman, Cilley, Kohlmann & Norcia, LLP., our board-certified estate and trust lawyers construct comprehensive estate plans for our clients, including wills, trusts and advance health care directives. We use our decades of experience to minimize the emotional and financial burden of probate for the loved ones of our clients all throughout California.

A Will Can Alleviate Your Loved Ones Of Additional Stress

The property of individuals who die without a valid will is distributed to their families according to California’s probate laws, which stipulate only the amounts and percentages of the estate that certain family members should receive. This can not only cause uncertainty and tensions, but also can require more in-depth supervision by the probate court, incurring higher costs.

Our attorneys can help you avoid these issues through proper planning. While wills vary in complexity and detail, each one is unique according to your needs. A comprehensive will allows you to determine in advance who will receive your property upon your death, including family members, friends, charitable causes, educational institutions and more according to your wishes. Preparing this decision ahead of time ensures that your intentions are clear and alleviates your loved ones of additional stress or responsibilities immediately after your passing.

A Trust Can Allow You To Exercise More Control Over Your Assets

In addition to a will, trusts can be an important part of a comprehensive estate plan. Trusts allow you to designate a reliable person or business to act as a trustee. The following are among the benefits of a trust:

  • The trustee responsibly manages the contents of the trust according to your guidelines for the long term.
  • It allows you to bequeath property to minor children, incapacitated or elderly adults or any other individual unable to manage money responsibly.
  • It enables you to provide your loved ones with a steady source of income as opposed to a lump sum.
  • Living trusts can be used to provide care for loved ones or to gift property to family members while still maintaining control over that property.

Without a trust, your estate may be used and spent in ways that were not intended. When you have spent a lifetime building your estate and your assets, you want to ensure that there is a system to responsibly carry out your interests even after your passing. Our attorneys can assist in constructing a trust that best serves your goals and carefully plans the distribution of your assets.

Consult With Experienced Attorneys To Help You Provide For Your Loved Ones

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