Even the best-laid estate plans can potentially spawn disagreements among the beneficiaries and other concerned parties. The skilled Walnut Creek Probate Litigation Attorneys at Temmerman, Cilley & Kohlmann, LLP have the knowledge of probate law and alternative dispute resolution to resolve such disagreements and the litigation experience to aggressively represent our clients at trial should a resolution prove unattainable.

Typical Probate Litigation Issues in California

Probate litigation may arise for a variety of reasons. During the early stages of the process, interested parties and their Pleasanton probate law firms have the opportunity to challenge the ability of the executor to represent the estate. Interested individuals may also challenge the validity of the will itself or of individual provisions. An individual may argue that the will was not properly executed, was executed under duress or undue influence, or was subsequently revoked by the signer.

Even if the validity of a will does not face a challenge, questions may arise as to the meaning of certain provisions. Beneficiaries may question the accountings made by the personal representative of the estate. Creditors may make claims against the estate. Third parties may claim the decedent never owned property mentioned in the will.

In the case of any of these or a host of other potential probate disputes, a trial may become necessary. Walnut Creek Probate Litigation Attorneys may have to appear before the court and offer evidence and witness testimony to establish or refute claims. Such disputes can quickly become expensive and can divert a substantial amount of money from the estate.

Alternatives to Probate Litigation

Because of the expense of probate litigation and the burden it places upon the estate, the San Jose probate law firm of Temmerman, Cilley & Kohlmann, LLP frequently employs alternative dispute resolution methods to resolve such disputes out of court. In many cases, mediation and arbitration are effective methods of resolving estate disputes in a confidential and flexible manner while minimizing the financial burden on the estate and the emotional burden on the family. Alternative dispute resolution has a high rate of success and can be a great alternative to litigation.

In some cases, however, when alternative dispute resolution is impractical or unreasonable, litigation may be unavoidable. When this occurs, the San Jose probate lawyers of Temmerman, Cilley & Kohlmann, LLP have the experience to aggressively and efficiently represent the interests of their clients in the courtroom. Our Walnut Creek attorneys know that the most valuable negotiating tool can be the willingness and ability to go to trial if necessary.

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