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Who Can Contest a Will?

After a loved one dies, the essential grieving process can be soured by the late relative’s estate and how it will be divided among family. Cousin Albert can’t contest your late father’s will as easily as you might think, however. Depending on how the will was drafted and who was named in the will, only certain people will be allowed to contest wills. If you’re not sure whether you can contest a will, check out the list below and see which descriptions best fit your personal circumstances. Beneficiaries Beneficiaries are those who are named in the will and can include:…

Developments Affecting Trusts, Estates, and Conservatorships

2015-05-18 SCCEPC Recent Dev. Materials  

What The Kwok! I Killed My Client’s Title Insurance

2015-05-15 Title Insurance

How Do I Get Funds into a Trust?

When you put assets into a trust, you are “funding” the trust. The trustee will actually own the asset on behalf of the trust once the asset is placed into the trust. When using deeds and other documentation to transfer funds and property into the trust, the document should specify that the property is going to the trustee in their capacity as a trustee. For example, a deed should read: “John Smith, Trustee of the Sample Trust, dated June 15, 2013,” not just “John Smith.” The date is the date that is on the trust agreement that initially created the…