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How Is a Conservatorship Created?

Most courts will assume that a grown adult has the ability to make one’s own financial decisions. However, if an adult becomes incapacitated, a court can direct the appointment of a conservator. A conservatorship refers to a court decision where a person or an organization known as the conservator is elected to watch over the financial affairs of a person. It is important in these situations to know when the court creates a conservatorship and under what circumstances. Why Would a Conservatorship Be Created? A court will decide to appoint a conservator for an elderly adult only in certain situations….

Weighing Your Options: Conservatorship

A conservator, also known as an adult guardian in most states, is a person who has court-ordered authority to manage the affairs of those who no longer have the ability to make their own medical or financial decisions. If the incapacitated person did not set up a plan of durable powers of attorney for finances and healthcare, family members can ask the court to appoint a guardian. Conservatorship can be a life-changing decision and you may want to consider the good and the bad that comes with the incredible responsibility. Being an adult guardian can be time consuming and very…