The Benefits of Having a Will or Trust

Court fees can eat into an estate, depriving your family and other loved ones of the benefits you wished them to receive. But a comprehensive estate plan, including a thorough will and carefully constructed trust, can decrease probate costs by simplifying the probate process and can ensure that your property is used according to your wishes.

At Temmerman, Cilley & Kohlmann, LLP, our board certified  Santa Clara trust attorneys construct comprehensive and thorough estate plans for our clients, including trusts and advance health care directives. We use our experience to minimize the emotional and financial burden of probate for the families and loved ones of our clients in Fremont, Walnut Creek, Danville, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Francisco, and other counties.

Why Have a Will in California?

Having a will and trust lawyer in Santa Clara draft a comprehensive will allows you to determine in advance who receives your property upon your death. This enables you to distribute your property to family members, friends, charitable causes, educational institutions, or any other persons or organizations according to your wishes.

The property of individuals who die without a valid will is distributed to their families according to the provisions of the California Probate Code. The Probate Code stipulates only the amounts and percentages of the estate that certain family members should receive, so there can be strife as family members squabble over particular items. This uncertainty can also necessitate more in-depth supervision by the probate court and, therefore, higher probate costs. A qualified trust attorney can help you avoid these problems through advance planning.

Why Establish a Trust in California?

In addition to a will, trusts can be an important part of a comprehensive estate plan. Trusts allow you to designate a reliable person or business to act as a trustee. That trustee continues to responsibly manage the contents of the trust according to your guidelines for the long term. This can be a perfect solution when bequeathing or gifting property to minor children, incapacitated or elderly adults, or any other person who is unable to handle money responsibly. A trust also allows you to provide your family or loved ones with a steady source of income as opposed to a lump sum of money.

In addition to testamentary trusts that are created by wills, living trusts can also be used to provide care for loved ones or to gift property to family members while still maintaining some control over that property. A Santa Clara living trust attorney can construct a trust that best serves your goals.

Experienced  Santa Clara Trust Attorneys can help you provide for your loved ones

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