Protecting Estates.
Protecting Legacies.

How can you talk to your elderly parents about estate planning?

One of the topics you may hesitate to discuss with your aging parents is what may happen to their assets and property after they die. Trying to find the right time and method of discussing this sensitive subject is important.

Learning more about how to talk about this issue can help your loved ones write out a will and plan their estate.

Know why it is important

According to Forbes, you may want to mention several benefits of having a will to your parents in case they do not know how helpful it can be. This includes mentioning that a will allows them to choose who will have control over the estate as an executor, what medical decisions they want in the event they cannot communicate with doctors and what heirlooms each adult child may get.

By explaining to your parents why having an estate plan is so valuable, they can think more seriously about what they want in their plan.

Find the right moment

Picking the best time to talk about this subject can vary from person to person. You should know whether your parents react better to a formal conversation or a more organic one about this topic. Whether that involves going to a restaurant or setting up a visit at home, make sure to take into account where they would feel most comfortable.

Have articles at the ready

One way to help your parents understand the importance of estate planning is to give them more to read on the subject. Printing out articles or giving them books with more information allows the idea to stay in their minds long after you leave.

Being active in discussing estate planning can help your elderly parents have peace of mind.

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