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Protecting Legacies.

What is the importance of an agent for a power of attorney?

A power of attorney gives another person the right to make decisions for you. The person with this power is an agent.

The agent is an incredibly important person because he or she has a lot of influence and ability in your life. You need to take the task of choosing this person very carefully. The American Bar Association explains the agent works on your behalf, so you must ensure the person you choose will do that.

A powerful position

When you assign someone the position of agent for your power of attorney, that person becomes incredibly influential. He or she may be able to have control over your life at some point. It is a very serious position.

Duties of power

The agent is so important because of the overall power he or she gets. When the power of attorney becomes active, this person can make many decisions that will impact your life. While it depends on the specifics of your power of attorney, the agent may be able to buy and sell real estate, sign financial documents, make healthcare decisions and manage your bank accounts.

Appoint the right person

The incredible power this person has over your life is something you do not want to hand over to just anyone. This influence is the reason why you must understand the importance of the agent position. You also must make sure you take the time and care to choose the right person for the position.

Choosing the agent for your power of attorney is not a light decision. Make sure you do it freely without influence and choose someone you have complete trust in.

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