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Protecting Legacies.

What You Need to Know About Medi-Cal


Medical care and long-term nursing care can get very expensive and it’s important to plan in advance for these costs of care. As you age, paying for these expenses could become extremely difficult as well. Older clients may have a special interest in Medi-Cal planning, as it is never too early to plan and protect your estate. What is Medi-Cal and how will it accomplish these goals?

Medi-Cal is a California and federal program that helps cover the cost of health care for qualifying low-income individuals and families. These people include:

  • Seniors age 65 or older
  • Disabled people
  • Children
  • Pregnant women
  • Individuals with specified conditions

The recipient only qualifies if his or her estate meets certain specifications of income and resource limitations. Those who qualify for Medi-Cal sometimes have to share the cost of the health care services they receive. To avoid these expenses and depleting your estate, meet with a Medi-Cal attorney to help plan your estate and reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for your care. In addition, Medi-Cal will attempt to recover medical care costs when the recipient passes away. These costs could be taken out of the recipient’s estate or from their beneficiaries. An estate recovery plan could assist in limiting how much can be recover and help preserve the recipient’s estate.

It is possible to challenge Medi-Cal’s decisions, which can include:

  • Determination of eligibility
  • Reductions of benefits
  • Delays
  • Denials of benefits

Our skilled litigators at Temmerman, Cilley, Kohlmann & Norcia, LLP.. and San Jose elder law attorneys represent clients in administrative hearings to appeal all types of adverse actions. We can offer legal guidance to elderly clients through the planning process. Our San Jose elder law attorneys are available to consult with clients. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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