Protecting Estates.
Protecting Legacies.

What is Elder Law?

As America ages, information and protection in the field of gerontology has become increasingly popular and important segment of the legal field. The subject encompasses a wide range of financial, health, and estate related services that arise in the Golden Years. With the right professional to guide and inform you, it truly can be the best years of your life. There are many subjects under the umbrella of elder law and here’s a quick look.

Medical, Health and Insurance

The wide-ranging scope of elder law includes interpreting complicated questions regarding social security, Medicare, Medicaid and other health insurance benefits. Also, this specialty covers elder abuse, disability, living wills, medical directives and long-term care planning.

Short and Long Term Financial Planning

Retirement is a major milestone and one in which many workers are not prepared emotionally, mentally or financially. Attorneys specializing in elder law incorporate financial planning to include savings, protection, and advice for investing and the unexpected. On a more immediate basis, elder law incorporates consumer protection, complicated tax questions and overall wealth consultation.

Estate and Guardianship

The older generation generally looks forward to retirement and the purpose of a firm who focuses on senior citizens’ rights is to put one’s affairs in order, both while living, and in anticipation of one day passing on and leaving behind a legacy. Elder law encompasses power of attorney, guardianship, estate planning as well as writing wills and assigning beneficiaries and executors of a client’s estate. In addition, this segment of law is intended to protect the rights and dignity of the aging population.

Adults aged 55 and older should consider contacting Temmerman, Cilley & Kohlmann for a consultation on the many benefits covered under the broad spectrum of law for the aging citizen.

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