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Protecting Legacies.

Why Do I Need an Estate Planning Attorney For An Estate Plan?

Many online businesses offer wills and trusts through an automated process. The online process generally consists of a fillable questionnaire that, once answered generates an estate plan without the assistance of an estate planning attorney. A good estate plan consists of more than just a will or a trust. Further, if you do not know what the questionnaire is truly asking you, it is difficult to generate an estate plan that accurately reflects your intentions.

In order to provide the maximum benefit to your loved ones and to achieve favorable tax consequences, an estate planning attorney will construct an estate plan that includes a custom drafted will, trust, durable power of attorney, advance health care directive, and other essential documents. An effective estate plan involves many individual components working together to reflect the intentions of the person that it is being created for.

Additionally, a good estate planning attorney will be available to provide you with ongoing legal advice even after your estate plan is in place. This is critical because estate plans must be updated periodically especially after major life events such as marriage or divorce, the birth or death of a child, or major financial transactions. An estate planning attorney who is already familiar with your particular estate plan can advise you when such changes are necessary and will make the required changes efficiently and effectively.

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